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UV Printer Features and Benefits

UV printers have powerful UV lamp arrays on either side of the print head.  The lamps tun on only whilst the machine is printing and they dry the ink instantly as it hits the print surface.   

Most UV printers are used to print directly onto items such as phone cases, sport drinks bottles, machine parts Etc.

UV printers provide major benefits including:

  • Both flat-bed and print-from-a-roll models are available
  • Products can be handled and used as soon as printing has been completed
  • White ink allows full colour prints on dark coloured products
  • Textured (raised) images like like Braille can be printed. 
  • Clear UV inks also allow a gloss to be printed over the entire image or just in some places (like raindrops on a leaf)
  • Some UV printers can be used with an optional rotary print attachment which allows cylindrical object like wine bottles,sports drink bottles Etc to be printed up to 360 degrees.
  • Some makes/models allow one pass printing of double sided images with each side having the same image or different images (ideal for shop windows)
  • Choice of scratch resistant inks for hard surface products or stretch inks for flexible products
  • Metallic colours can now be printed with some makes/models
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