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Wilcom Elements 3
with Corel

Wilcom is not just a proud Australian company that pioneered embroidery software... They are without a shadow of doubt the world leaders in embroidery software. Now that doesn't mean that they just sell more than anyone else, Wilcom software is the world's leading embroidery software for many reasons.
Already own Wilcom? Wondering if, or why, you need to upgrade?
Wilcom Elements 3 Improvements
  • Loads faster - 25 to 30 secconds on an i7 PC
  • 15 new fonts (excl. DecoStudio Lite)
  • Enhanced toolbars with bigger icons
  • Feature videos directly from the software
  • Large high resolution thumbnails of .EMB files
  • e2.0 users can upgrade existing dongle
  • Improved conversion from images to embroidery
  • Multi-User dongle support now available at extra cost
  • Extended Tool-tips give better explanation of how each tool is used
  • Live updates now available from within the software
  • DecoStudio E3
    E3 Deco Studio is Wilcom's first level of software. Deco Studio is designed with the needs and requirements of newcomers to embroidery in mind. Like all other levels of Wilcom, Deco Studio is bundled with the Full Corel X6 graphics program. Corel is widely used by those in embroidery and especially those who also provide other types of garment printing or graphic design services.

    Click Here for more information

    DecoStudio Lite E3 **
    E3 DecoStudio Lite is a very basic software that allows for simple object editing, lettering and includes Corel x6.
    With E3 DecoStudio Lite you can take vector artwork and turn it into embroidery, print, applique and now rhinestones with ease.

    ** Available only as a bundled package with an embroidery machine sale.

    Embroidery Studio Lettering E3
    E3 Lettering has all the capabilities to create and fine-tune lettering and optimize production. If you're in the business of personalization, or you outsource your digitizing this product is for you.

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    Embroidery Studio Editing E3
    E3 Editing allows the combination of designs, add lettering and adjust the design and stitch settings from out-sourced digitizing to ensure quality and great results on the machine.

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    Embroidery Studio Designing E3
    E3 Designing is the standard digitizing package introduces you to the power of professional embroidery digitizing. E3 designing delivers a suite of sophisticated tools that provide the flexibility to create high quality and reliable embroidery designs.

    This package is the equivelant to Embroidery Studio E2 Level 1 (With many improvements!) However, all of the additional features that were available in higher levels can now be purchased as optional elements so customers can customise their software more accurately to suit their specific needs.

    To find out more about this package and it's optional elements, please Click Here

    Corel X6
    Corel Corporation proudly selected Wilcom International Pty Ltd as its premier CorelDRAW Strategic
    Partner in the embroidery and multi-decoration industries. Through the combination of graphics
    expertise from Corel and industry-leading embroidery technology from Wilcom, products such as
    Wilcom DecoStudio and Wilcom EmbroideryStudio continue to redefine what's possible in graphic
    design for the multi-decoration industry.

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