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'Bleed' in Printing and Graphic Design- What Does It Mean?

Bleed in design. Bleed area in design and printing

Bleed refers to the process of making an image slightly bigger than it really needs to be. Why would you need to do that?

Imagine this:

You have to print a photograph onto a blank jig-saw puzzle that is exactly 19cm x 27cm. If you make the print exactly 19 x 27 then you would have to align the printed image perfectly with the edges of the jig-saw? You'd almost certainly get some misprints in which there would be a fine line of white, unprinted jig-saw on one or two edges.

So, the solution is to create a bleed and that means that you make the image slightly bigger than the object to be printed. When you do this the alignment of the print and the jig-saw is not so critical. It can be a little bit out and yet the print will still cover the whole area of the jig saw.

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