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What's the difference between a good quality commercial embroidery machine and a home/hobby machine?

Well of course there are differences and depending upon the make and model, those differences can be very significant. There is a good reason why a high quality commercial machine costs more than a home/hobby type machine.

Home / hobby machines have gotten better and some makes like Brother PR have great features that are not included in commercial machines.

They are designed for light to medium home/hobby use only. The internal parts are moslty metal but the outer cases are generally made of plastic. The motors for driving the machine and the hoop movement system are designed to operate only up to a certain speed and have a power rating suited to a light weight embroidery machine.

This is most noticeable when you run a design that has longer stitches. When the stitch length increases past 2 or 3 mm then the machine speed will decrease quite significantly. A commercial machine has much stronger mechanisms, more powerful motors and advanced electronic control systems that allow it to continue running at high speed even on much longer stitches.

Commercial quality machines like Barudan are not necessarily for everyone

If you don't need high speed, the flexibility and embroidery quality provided by a commercial machine.

A good quality, commercial machine can quite literally be run for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and if maintained well should last well in excess of 10 years or more.

Whilst some of the home/hobby machines do have some very useful features like automatic needle threaders and cameras, they tend to have a much smaller embroidery area, run much more slowly (especially on designs that have longer stitches and are not nearly so versatile when running tricky products like caps with centre seams.

Finally I would make mention of warranty. Typically a home/hobby machine will have a 12 month, back-to-base warranty whereas a good quality commercial machine like a Barudan can have up to 7 Years, electronic and major parts warranty and up to 7 Years stitch quality guarantee.

If you're running a business then the last thing you want or need is an expensive break down (especially when you are in start-up phase). A 'world's best' embroidery machine warranty gives you that protection and peace of mind.

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