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Maybe you've heard about UV DTF - So what's all the fuss is about?

To understand what's so great about UV DTF we first have to discuss the alternative method that has been used to make stickers for many years.

Stickers have been (and still are) made by many companies using the Print & Cut method.  The type of ink used can be solvent, UV or even latex.

  • The logo or logos are first created and a vector cut line is added wherever there is to be an area of unprinted vinyl that needs to be removed.    A simple design might have just one cut line around the perimeter of the logo but some designs will also require internal cut lines where the background fabric is to show.  
  • Next, the logo/s with cut lines are loaded into the printers RIP software and printing can begin using a white adhesive backed sign vinyl.
  • If a solvent ink printer has been used then the printed sheet might have to be left to dry (out-gas) overnight before the contour cutting can be done.  Latex and UV printers do not require out-gassing and cutting can be done immediately after printing.
  • The next job after the contour cutting has been completed is called weeding.  Weeding is the manual removal of all of the unwanted areas of film that surround each logo and make up the internal areas of logos where fabric is required to show through.    Weeding is generally a time consuming part of the process and in fact some highly complex logos require so much time for weeding that they are not cost-effective.
  • The next step after weeding is the application of an adhesive transfer film over the top of the sheet of weeded logos.  This can be done manually or using a manual or automatic lamination machine.
  • The weeded and laminated sheet is then cut up into individual logos that can be applied.


How does UV DTF provide such a massive boost to productivity and reduction in cost?

The UV DTF process is much simpler process with far less labour required to produce ready-to-use stickers.   The secret to UV DTF is that the logos are printed directly onto a layer of contact adhesive so there is no white base film that has to be contour cut and weeded.

  • Logo is imported into the RIP software
  • There is no need to add cut lines
  • Logos are printed using colour, white and clear UV inks which dry immediately
  • Transfer film (lamination) is added as the printed sheet feeds forward from the print area.

The sheet of printed logos is now ready for immediate use.  Simply peel the quick-release backing sheet, apply the logo to a clean, hard surface using firm pressure then peel the transfer film.


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