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Get Laser Printed Logos Ready For You To heat Press Onto Garments

  • They work in a similar way to a Plastisol Transfer
  • One large logo per sheet or multiple smaller logos
  • Just cut up into separate logos and heat press for 30 seconds
  • Allow to cool then remove clear carrier sheet and press again for 15 secs with matt finish cover sheet

Build your business using our priont service then when you are ready - purchase your own laser logo printer

But before we go any further, I must explain that laser prints work really well on many products including dark polyester but we do not recommend them for use on high stretch fabrics.  



Here's what we need from you :

  • A good quality logo of at least 300 d.p.i.   You can duplicate the logo as many times as it will fit onto an A4 or A3 page layout for no extra charge.  


    IMPORTANT - You must leave a margin of 5mm around the sides of the sheet.  One corner of the sheet must have an unprinted area of at least 40mm from the corner.  If you logo extends into all 4 corners of the sheet then 1 corner will not transfer well and may be damaged.

  • For best reults we strongly recommend the use of a heat press with accurate temperature, pressure and time.  It might be possible to apply small logos using a hand held iron. However, we cannot guarantee this will work due to the uneven surface (Steam holes) and the inaccurate temperature and pressure.
  • Save or export the image or images in either .PNG or .PSD format with a transparent background.  This is very important if your logos are to be applied to coloured fabric.       If they are to be printed onto a white garment then a transparent background is not required

  • Upload your images by clicking here  Upload Now

  • Purchase the quantity of A4 or A3 printed sheets that you require (See below for price)
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2 Item(s)

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