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  • Firebird FBX VIVID - (1 Litre CONCENTRATE) Pre treatment for high quality CMYK prints on white and light coloured cotton

    Brighter colours - Crisp details - Longer lasting prints after washing

     Click on the Apple image to the left then Zoom in to see what a difference Firebird Vivid will make to your print quality on white and light coloured cotton garments. (It pretty obvious - so I won't tell you which side of the logo is pre treated and which is not).  

     Just in case you were wondering . . .  this is a CMYK print on a white cotton T shirt.  The Black background is printed

     Better quality prints with less ink

    You can even print on white and light coloured polyester too but we do recommend that you carry our wash testing before printing the final products.

    Firebird Vivid cotton fabric pre treatment is suitable for use with Fabric Maker and most DTG inks and produces a marked imrpovement in your printed images. Colours are stronger - Detail is crisp and clean - Prints look so much better and last much longer in the wash.  

    Firebird Vivid is a concentrated pre treatment solution and that saves space and reduces your shipping costs.  Firebird Vivid must be diluted at a ratio of 1:1 with distilled / demineralised water - so you get 2 litres of useable pre treatment solution.  

     IMPORTANT:  This product is not for use with white ink

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