EPACC - Levels 1, 2 & 3


Powerful but Easy-To-Use Embroidery Productivity And Cost Calculator With Automatic Calculation Of Sell Prices

Watch this 14 minute video to find out how easy it is to setup and use EPACC - then get your free 15 day, trial download (See below).   EPACC is your key to guaranteed profits on every embroidery job you run.



One of the most common problems faced by new businesses (and some not-so-new) is knowing what to charge for your products and/or services.  

You know the biggest mistake you can make is this . . . . .  . Find out what your competitors charge and then match them or worse still undercut them.   You see they probably know what their operating costs are and have set their prices accordingly.

At best this is a very short term solution.  If you continue to use this formula you could ruin your chances of building a successful business and have you working around the clock for no profit. . . . . worse still not even a decent wage.

You simply cannot know how much to charge for your service until you first understand what your real costs are.  Then and only then can you know what you have to charge to make a profit after wages and all other costs have been accounted for.


Scroll down download a 15 day, fully finctional trial version of EPACC level 2 or to purchase EPACC levels 1, 2 or 3



It takes only 10 minutes to setup EPACC with your key business costs and after it's done you don't have to worry about it again until there is a change to your business costs.  What's more - all of that sensitive information like wages, profit Etc is hidden in password protected screens



You staff just enter basic design information like quantity, stitch count, desig cost, hoop size and the number of colour changes and thread trims.  Sell prices are calculated instantly for three levels of service (Suggested days only)

  • Standard service (5 days)
  • Express service (3 days)
  • Rish service (Next day)



If your customer comes back for a repeat of the same design in 6 months they will get the same price


EPACC Level 1 - For those who use only a single head embroidery machine

EPACC Level 2 - Level 2 is for those who have two embroidery machines of the same or different sizes

EPACC Level 3 - For larger embroidery shops that have up to 8 machines of the same or different sizes. 


You can purchase EPACC directly from our web store below or download a free, fully functional, 15 day trial version of EPACC level 2 which allows you to compare costs and productivity for two different sizes of machine.


 EPACC embroidery costing software Free trial



Pease note: To use EPACC you must have Microsoft Excel for Windows (V9 or later) installed on your computer.  Cloud based spreadsheets and other types of spreadsheet software are not compatible with EPACC.


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