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Laser Printed Logos Solve Many Of The Production Problems Encountered With Other Popular Garment Decoration Methods. . . .  Now You Can Get Logos Printed By Us Ready For You To heat Press

  • Fast Print Speeds
  • Extremely Reliable Equipment
  • No Daily Maintenance Required Like DTG machines
  • No Contour Cut Lines Needed
  • No Weeding Of Finished Logos

Build your business then purchase your own Laser Logo printing equipment from us and we'll show you how to use it.

But before we go any further, I must explain that laser prints work really well on most fabric types including dark polyester but we do not recommend them for use on high stretch fabrics.



Here's what you need to do :

1. Use your gpraphics program to arrange your print quality logos onto an A4 or A3 page layout
Note:   Leave at least a 5mm margin around the sides.  Also one corner of the sheet must have an unprinted area that extend approx 2 to 3m from the corner.  Without this any print that is close to the corner might be damaged during preparation.

2. Select all of the logos and Save or export tham as just 1 image in .PNG or .PSD format
Note: If they are to be printed onto a white garment then a white background is acceptable.

If they are to be printed onto coloured fabric then you must remove any white areas that you do not
want to be printed and then save the images with a transparent background.

3. Upload your images by clicking here  Upload Now

4.  Purchase the quantity of A4 or A3 sheets you need (See below for price)

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2 Item(s)

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