EPACC - Embroidery Productivity And Cost Calculator

One of the most common problems faced by new businesses (and some not-so-new) is knowing what to charge for your products and/or services.  

Have you ever just made a guess-timate?   Well your not alone!

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Sometimes it works in your favour but often it comes back to bite you because you under-estimated or forgot to include one thing or another.

EPACC doesn't get it wrong.  It includes all of your business overheads, wages, thread, backing, design cost, machine lease cost, colour change time, thread trim time, hoop change time and more.  It then works out what it costs to run each machine per minute, how long each run and each job will take to complete.

You see at  glance:

  • What it costs to produce each piece of embroidery on each of your machines
  • How much you need to charge for it (Standard service, Rush service or Express service)
  • How much profit you can expect to make each week, based upon running that job

You can experiment by changing stitch count, design cost, hoop size, number of colour changes or thread trims . . . . .and you'll see instantly how your cost per embroidery changes.   Now we all know what happens to your profit when costs increase but your sell price is fixed.    With EPACC you can make sure that never happens in your business.



It takes only 10 minutes to setup EPACC with your key business costs and after it's done you don't have to worry about it again until there is a change to your business costs.


Just enter the stitch count, the quantity, hoop size and the number of colour changes and thread trims.  If you don't know the exact details then you can use an estimate until the job has been digitised or edited.


Once EPACC has been setup with your business costs then it's so easy for anyone to give an accurate quote for any embroidery job.   If you prefer to use a price list then EPACC is a fast and very accurate way to produce or check that your embroidery price list is up-to-date.


EPACC Level 1

Level 1 is preconfigured for those who use only a single head embroidery machine

EPACC Level 2

Level 2 is for those who have two embroidery machines of the same or different sizes

EPACC Level 3

For larger embroidery shops that have up to 8 machines of the same or different sizes. As your business grows, you can add, delete or change machines


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Pease note:   EPACC requires Microsoft Excel for Windows


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3 Item(s)

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