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Fabric Maker by Sawgrass


Fabricmaker is DIY digital fabric printing like you’ve never seen before!  Available now from our web store (See below)

For the first time, you can print washable, commercial-quality fabrics with rich, vibrant colors and deep blacks right in your home or shop. Making money with your own custom printing fabrics is as easy as Create – Print – Heat Set!


So what exactly is fabric maker?

Fabric Maker is the result of many years of research & development of printers and inks that have been especially formulated for use on cotton fabric to give bright, vibrant colours that perform up to commercial standards.

A fabric Maker kit includes:

  • 1 x Fabric Maker - A4 size printer with power cord and USB cable
  • 1 x Set of Fabric Maker ink cartridges  0Cyan, magenta, Yellow & Black
  • 2 x 25 sheet packs of 8.5" x 11" (21.5 x 28cm) Cotton Percale - printable fabric sheets
  • 1 x sawgrass Power driver software
  • 1 x Access to Sawgrass Creative Studio (on-line)


  • Multi-bypass unit - extends the max. print length to 129cms
  • Printable cotton percale fabric in rolls of 21.5cm x 304cm
  • 1,000ml bottle of  Vivid Print - fabric pre-treatment solution for making your own printable fabric
  • 1 x roll of iron-on fabric stabilser for your own printable fabric.
  • Upgrade to A3 size printer now available  - Please contact us for more information


NEWSFLASH - Now you can make your own  printable cotton fabric with our new Vivid Print fabric pre treatment spray and iron-on fabric satbiliser.

  • Spray your fabric with Vivid Print pre-treatment spray and then dry it
  • Apply a heat fusible stabilser to the back
  • Cut to size and then print.


A3 size printer is now available for use only with A4 Fabric Maker sheets or your own pre treated and stablised fabrics up to 29cm wide and 42cm long.   Optional bypass tray allows prints up to 129cm long.


Fabric maker - make you own high quality, full colour prints on cotton at home


How does it work?

Well, It's pretty simple really:

  • You choose an image that fits within the printable area
  • Print the image
  • Remove the paper backing
  • Heat-set the printed image with an iron or heat press . . . . . That's it!
  • There's no special pre treatment solutions and no washing required before use


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