ES Small Block (UR) Our most popular font

ES Block - custom digitised for outstanding results down to 3mm with standard thread and needle

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ES Block is no ordinary embroidery font.  In fact ES Block was the result of many, many months of pain staking work by Embroidery Source and Mel Beale who is one of Australia's leading embroidery digitisers.

You see here at Embroidery Source we used to receive so many requests from customers who wanted to know - "How can we improve the quality of small letters below 5mm?"

Well of course we have always been able to advise our customers what to do in order to achieve much better results, but the problem was that they had to make the same changes and character edits every time they wanted to create a new job.  That was such a time consuming task and of course the result were not always the same depending upon who was making the changes.

So, we spoke with Mel, who runs her own embroidery digitising business and who also had been spending way too much time tweaking standard Wilcom block lettering to make it perform better and we agreed to a joint project to create a new and much improved font.

We totally underestimated how much work would be required!

To make ES Block achieve such outstanding results we had to digitise multiple versions of so many of the alphabet characters - each one producing the best possible quality within a specific range of sizes.  When you use ES Block, a different version of each character is used automatically, depending upon the height of ther characters . . . . . and it all happens automatically and for the most part without the user even realising that it has happened.

Here are some of the changes that happen automatically when you change the height:

  • Some character heights are adjusted to maintain an even height appearance
  • Column overlaps are reduced at small sizes to prevent unsightly lumps
  • Column ends are widened to prevent the tapered look at small sizes
  • Kerning is adjusted automatically for perfect character spacing
  • Column width is adjusted in some places to maintain even stitch width when pull comp is turned on.
We have so many customers who tell us that sine they purchased ES Block, they use it every single day for so many of their new jobs . . . .and they don't have to edit any more.

It's a very small investment that will pay for itself many hundreds - even thousand of times over.

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