Colour printers


Colour Printed Images For Garments With:
- No Cutting
- No Weeding
And all for as low as $1000?

Staggeringly cheap to get into, using an extremely simple process, and with a tiny desktop footprint, Colour Laser Printers can be a brilliant first step into the garment industry, or a solid expansion into an untapped market for those already in the industry.

Forever transfer papers are very similar to vinyl in texture, appearance and in how you use it, but with an incredibly handy feature; It cuts and weeds itself! Just apply the sheet to your garment, and the glue while only stick the parts of the sheet that you've printed on. Peel the sheet away, and only your image remains. Forever transfer papers can be applied to a wide range of fabric types and colours - including dark polyesters. All you need is the paper, and a toner printer.
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We carry OKI laser printers

OKI have been in the printer business since... the beginning of the printer business, so you know they've spent a lot of time working and perfecting their machines. We carry black only printers, CMYK and CMY+White OKI printers, all in A4 and A3 sizes. We have found the OKI Printer to be the most effective brand of printer to partner with Forever Transfer products. Combining the Forever Transfer Rip with OKI Printers means even less toner used, and the highest quality of colour produced, a softer texture to the touch, and improved washability.

Process Summary

  • Open your image and print onto Forever printable A foil
  • Place printed A sheet face to face with a sheet of B polymer adhesive paper then heat press and separate
  • Place the printed A foil with adhesive layer onto the garment - face down and heat press
  • Remove the A foil carrier sheet
  • Press again with gloss or matt finish sheet on top
Step 1 - Place the printed A sheet and B adhesive sheets together in the heat press for approx 90 seconds then separate whilst still hot.







Step 2 - Press the finished transfer onto the fabric - allow to cool - remove carrier sheets and press again for gloss or matt finish



Additional transfer papers for non-textile products

If you need to decorate other kinds of promotional items too then there are special transfer papers for hard surfaces and even a transfer paper called Waterslide that is used to transfer images onto products like candles and soap.


Flex Soft

Forever laser dark

Laser Dark

Forever laser dark




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