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What is Dye Sublimation Printing? (Scroll down to see dye sub printers in our web store)

Dye sublimation is a process during which images are printed onto a special transfer paper using dye sublimation inks.   The printed images are then transferred onto products using heat.  The inks contain special dyes that when heated will penetrate deep into the polyester fibres or polymer coating creating a permanent image that will not wash out and cannot be detected by touch.

Dye sublimation prints are highly sought after in the sports, workwear and promotional items sectors because the printed image does not seal the fabric, so the fabric can still breath and allow moisture to evaporate.


Desktop printers - SG-400 (A4) and SG-800 (A3) size

The SG 400 printer can print up to A4 size using the cassette tray or with the optional Bypass tray, the maximum print length can be extended up to 129cms.  This model can be used with Standard capacity ink cartridges only.

The SG 800 printer can print up to A3 size using the paper cassette or with the optional Bypass tray, the maximum print length can be extended up to 129 cms.  This model can be used with both standard capacity ink cartridges and extended capacity cartridges. Extended capacity cartridges last longer and reduce the cost of ink per print.


VJ-628 (25" / 63cms) with optional stand

Sawgrass VJ628

The VJ628 provides users with these excellent benefits

  • Ink cost is reduced to almost 1/5 of the cost of ink for the SG400
  • Extreme high quality prints can be produced from 8 different colours of Sublijet HD inks
  • Wave edge printing greatly reduces faulty prints that can happen because of banding in the printed image


The all new Sawgrass Virtual Printer Driver software allows printing to multiple printers and allows economical use of transfer paper by grouping multiple images together on the page with a pre set gap between images for trimming.


Dye sublimation prints provide major benefits :

  • They can be simple logos or photographic quality images
  • Choice of inks sets from C,M,Y,K (desktop models) up to 8 colours (VJ-68) including Orange, Blue, Neons and photographic black and greys
  • When used on polyester fabric, the printed image is extremely wash-fast. In fact it will outlast the garment
  • Dye sublimation prints are in fact dyed images that penetrate into the fibres, the images cannot be detected by touch
  • In addition - the images do not seal the fabric, so it can still breath which is very important for work and sports clothing


Your Imagination is the Limit

Sawgrass empowers you to diversify your business and separate yourself from the competition with high-margin personalized and customized products. With our exceptionally versatile print-on-demand technology, you’re able to produce a wide variety of products with vibrant colors, high-definition images with little-to-no finished goods inventory. Explore some of the many applications and markets that you can tap into with our digital printing technology. 

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