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A full range of Japanese built, commercial quality embroidery machines to suit all sizes of business.

The Barudan name has been tried and trusted in Australia for over 32 years.  Barudan's excellent quality and extreme reliability is backed by the best after sales support, warranty and performance guarantees you will find anywhere in the embroidery industry.

So if are starting up a small business or if you are an well established large business, you need the quality, reliability and long productive life offered by Barudan . . . . . all backed by the largest and most experienced techinacl support team in Australia

Embroidery Source - We set the benchmark for warranty and guarantees on embroidery equipment.

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  • Barudan BEXT 1 head embroidery machine - CALL FOR PRICE

    One head, 15 needle, high speed commercial embroidery machine avaialble in 3 different configurations :

    • BEXT S1501 CA2 - 15 needles - 250mm x 400mm max embroidery area
    • BEXT S1501 CB2 - 15 needles - 300mm x 500mm max embroidery area
    • BEXT S1501   C2 - 15 needles - 450mm x 520mm max embroidery area

    Please note: maximum embroidery area is available only when using the optional sash frame.  The use of garment hoops or cap hoop will reduce the available embroidery area.

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  • Barudan BEKY multi head embroidery machine - CALL FOR PRICE

    Barudan BEKY model multi-head machines are available with 4, 6 or 8 heads.  All models have the excellent high speed 'S' type embroidery head with15 needles (colours) per head and the new touch screen controller offering many new features.

    Features and benefits

    • Large colour screen with 3D realistic display of designs
    • Increased design memory
    • On-screen display design inside the hoop for safety check
    • Advanced safety - hoop crash avoidance function
    • Max speed of 1,100 s.p.m.  -  High average speed means more productivity
    • Max embroidery area of 380 mm x 450 mm (reduced according to hoop size used)
    • arge colour, LCD touch-screen providing 3D realistic view of designs
    • 15 needles (thread colours)  - So you don’t need to re-thread the machine as often
    • Designed for professional quality embroidery on garments, caps, fabrics – even leather
    • Low noise operation – More comfortable working environment
    • High strength chassis with height increased by 150mm -  Improved operator comfort
    • Expanded design loading options – USB, RS232 COM port and LAN port
    • Expanded on-board memory  - Up to 70,000,000 stitches or 100 designs
    • Additional USB memory ports  - Can hold up to 10,000 additional designs
    • Laser pointer - Shows the exact needle drop point for accurate start position
    • Laser pointer designs trace before start – Prevents accidental collision of needles and hoops
    • Automatic detection of thread break and bobbin run-outs – Prevents garment damage
    • Start from any stitch in the design or from any colour – Allows embroidery of partial design
    • Power out recovery -  Continue embroidery of a design even after a power failure
    • Curved needle plate - Cap hoops sit close to the plate allowing high quality cap embroidery
    • Heavy duty needle bar drive mechanism  -   Wide range of fabrics can be embroidered – from silk to leather
    • Programmable bobbin change counter  -  Avoid unnecessary machine stops by setting the machine to stop just before the first bobbin runs out – then change them all bobbins at the same time
    • Independent electric bobbin winder – Wind bobbins even when the machine is not stitching
    • RS232 COM port – This port allows direct cable connection from your Wilcom embroidery design computer to the machine.  IMPORTANT - Some machines no longer have this vital connection port.
    • LAN port  - This allows connection of your machine to a regular computer network using the optional Barudan LEMserver software and optional bar code reader for super fast design search and load.
    • Power - 240 Volts / one phase

    HOOPS included (2 hoops per head each size) :

    • 2 x 12cm round tubular garment hoops per head
    • 2 x 15cm round tubular garment hoop per head
    • 2 x 18cm round tubular garment hoop per head
    • 2 x 300mm x 290mm oblong tubular garment hoops per head
    • 1 x Quick change, pivot-less cap frame driver per head
    • 2 x Cap holding hoops per head plus 1 only cap loading device
    • 1 x Sash frame for embroidery onto large piece of fabric


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