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Deco Studio

brings together the combined features and power of two world leading software companies - Wilcom & Corel. For those who are new to embroidery design creation Wilcom's fabric assistant is a huge step forward in regard to minimising the level of knowledge required to produce good embroidery designs.

Just select the type of embroidery (garment or badge) then select the type and colour of fabric to be embroidered. Deco Studio then takes control of settings like stitch density, underlay and pull compensation values to help you achieve the best result.

View a PDF file of the features and tools in each level of Wilcom e2.0

See detailed description of new features and tools in e2.0

Embroidery Mode
  • Open & Save most common embroidery formats
  • Edit designs Create lettering using 140+ digitised fonts
  • Convert Truetype fonts to embroidery
  • Digitise with Run, Column & Fill tools
  • Print design instruction sheets
  • Save to floppy or memory card
  • Direct connect to most commercial machines
  • Graphics mode
  • Import bitmap images
  • Convert bitmaps to vector images
  • Create designs using vector creation tools
  • Save vector designs in bitmap formats
  • Convert vectors to embroidery objects
  • Convert vector designs to embroidery
  • Export vector designs to a printer
  • Export vector designs to a vinyl cutter

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