Embroidery Source | Embroidery and Garmet Decoration
Embroidery Source | Embroidery and Garmet Decoration
Embroidery Source | Embroidery and Garmet Decoration
Embroidery Source | Embroidery and Garmet Decoration

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E-PACC Embroidery Costing Program 

With EPACC you no longer have to
use guess-timates to set prices for new or edited embroidery designs.

Setup EPACC with your overhead, machine lease and wage costs (one time setup)

For each new embroidery job simply enter the quantity, stitch count, design cost & the number of thread trims & colour changes.

EPACC calculates your exact cost and sell price in the blink of an eye

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Reliable performance - High productivity - Longest productive life in the industry

FREE 14 page guide

How to compare different makes of embroidery machine and then make sure that you choose the right machine for your business?

There is a lot more to choosing the best machine for your business than simply comparing leaflets from different machine manufacturers.

Why take a chance with the future of your business when you don't have to.

This comprehensive guide will step you through the process of selecting the machine that is best for you.

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Watch a Barudan 4 head machine cruising on a 70mm high cap design
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You'll Save $$$ And It Needs Only 60 Seconds To Cure In A Heat Press

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